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Experience Journeys


What is it ?

A method to design innovative approaches, born at Stanford University


Working from the "field" up, to identify needs from customers or employees

Enabling the design of highly desired services

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Understand how interactions impact experience from beginning to end

Combining emotional & rational factors

Co-create a solution through a design thinking process

About Design Thinking

According to a study from Bain & Co, more than 9 in 10 companies believe that being customer-oriented is key, 8 in 10 think they offer a superior experience to customers. Yet according to customers only 8% of companies actually do it.

Organisations have troubles to understand customers, and when they do, they are often confronted to suboptimal implementation of plans. Bottomline, most fail to respond to their customer's needs.

In Service Design Thinking, we look at your organisation through the eyes of your customers (or employees). By listening carefully, we identify their needs, motives and experiences. We bring you a synthetic “outside-in” perspective, a must-have.

​Based on these insights we accompany you to craft a memorable "experience journey" to them. We make no lengthy reports, but suggest clear, actionable actions that will help you on the short and the long term.

We take your organisation by the hand to make sure a new way of working and thinking is embedded in your culture and operations.

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Base principles


Start from deep insights into users and other stakeholders


Involve key stakeholders to design & validate the journey


Create & test prototypes to visualise/experience solutions


Start small, test early, learn quickly from failure & success

How does it work ?

Service Design Thinking is a linear process, accessible to all,

where multidisciplinary teams work in a structured way from the « field » up, 

while respecting a predefined framework & conditions.














Examples of projects



Jump start the digital transformation of an incumbent insurer, through a greenfield innovation program

Insurance provider

SITUATION: An incumbent insurance provider, aimed at initiating it's digital transformation while acknowledging the lack of in-house skills & competences to conduct innovative processes. 


  • Managed the expectations of both innovation-minded & conservative management team members to agree on the set up of a greenfield innovation program as first step to initiate the transformation

  • Set up a project team with a selection of innovation-minded employees

  • Lead the client team through a “design thinking” approach, whose aim was to both innovate AND serve as a learning experience.

  • Created a workable prototype, tested it with clients and adjusted it to their needs.​​

IMPACT: Team initiated to Service Design Thinking & first prototype of an innovative digital tech product in Life Insurance delivered

Re-design the experience of subsidy-seeking entrepreneurs

Public institution

SITUATION: Customer experience perceived as extremely disappointing by customer-companies seeking information and a way forward in an entangled web of specialised administrations.


  • Set up a project team with representatives from each of the various specialised administrations

  • Interviewed​ a representative number of subsidy-seeking entrepreneurs to understand their experiences

  • Organised series of workshops with the project team, involving interviewees to agree on a common view of the current reality, and define an acceptable integrated journey for the navigation through the concerned administrations

IMPACT: Common view on a navigation structure and corresponding services, shared by all administrations & entrepreneurs

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