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Community building

Community building
Social impact

What is it ?

A simple & proven methodology


To create strong ties between people, and

Guide them towards the concrete realisation of a shared dream

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A pragmatic way to make Corporate Social Responsibility

a reality in your organisation

Increasing motivation of employees

How does it work?

To build a community, we propose a systematic step-by-step methodology that allows the community to take ownership of their challenge. Facilitators accompany the community with a supportive and appreciative approach as it becomes owner of its challenges. We propose a "learning cycle" where the community takes action and learns from experience, as entrepreneurs do. That learning becomes the basis for another round of action and learning, and the cycle goes on.The learning cycle is structured in steps, allowing the community to divide what can feel a ambitious challenge into a set of specific and manageable steps and actions. As the community moves through the process, the real measure of ownership lies in the depth of discussion, the consistency of engagement, and the joy of achievement that accompanies each step.

1. Mobilise a team​

In this step, participants learn to "connect" with each other and create real ties. A must to build trust.

Who are we? What are our
strengths & weaknesses?

2. Define our shared dream

The team works towards building a shared dream, for which each team member wants to go.

What do we want to do together?
Where do we want our journey

to lead us?

3. Self-Assessment

The team learns to self-assess the current situation, including positives & negatives.

Where do we stand at this a point of time. Where do we start from?

4. Define an action plan

To make a jump towards it's shared dream, the team defines a plan of action, shares roles & responsibilities

According to our respective skills & preferences, who should do what?

5. Let's Go

Time for action.

6. Learn & Share

The team performs a round of assessments of the situation.

What did we do? What worked well or did not work well? What do we do differently? What do we do next?

In detail

Taking our share of responsibility

We live in a world where there is no shortage of challenges, whether individual, local or global. These challenges affect us all. If we can realise our capacity to be actors in our own lives, we can also activate our collective responsibility to co-create our world.

Companies increasingly acknowledge their social responsibility. It is about contributing to the world, doing more than being profitable. And allowing their employees to participate to community building.

Increase the motivation & engagement of your co-workers

Creating communities of employees not only enables you to contribute but is also contributing to creating an environment that empowers every employee to exchange information, collaborate and support each other. It means a strong relationship and connections between members of an organisation. It enables you to retains employees and attract new ones.

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