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Our Work

Revamp a traditional organisation

Systems thinking

We performed "deep interviewing"with clients (Cf. systems thinking techniques), i.e. identifying explicit & implicit expectations, to understand what they really need. We questioned internal staff to identify internal virtuous & vicious circles. With this systemic diagnosis as a base, we gradually brought the organisation to move and involved collaborators & clients in shaping new processes & adjusting the organisation accordingly. Simultaneously, we gradually adjusted the way of organising and working towards an increased autonomy.

POSITIVE IMPACT: Delays of treatment of client request evolved from 4 weeks to 24h, and employee satisfaction increased dramatically.

Digital innovation through design thinking

Design thinking

To jump start the digital transformation of an incumbent insurance provider, we selected a team of innovation-minded employees and set up a major greenfield innovation program, leading the client team through a “design thinking” approach (interviewing, creative search, etc), as learning experience. We managed the expectations of both innovation-minded & conservative management team members. We created a workable prototype, tested it with clients and adjusted it to their needs.

POSITIVE IMPACT: Team initiated to DT & first prototype of an innovative digital tech product in Life Insurance delivered

Restructuring of an SME


In this loss-making French SME, we identified key profitability issues in the production process. We pragmatically set up an ABC-costing-like Excel database, enabling us to identify sources of loss. We translated losses at company-level into margin leakages per client. We closely collaborated on a day-to-day with the Managing Director and worked hand in hand with the Production, Quality Assurance and Commercial Teams to work out & implement effective solutions, while step by step reorganising & changing the company culture.

POSITIVE IMPACT: Quick action to eliminate price leakages & significant reduction of waste. Restructuring through active collaboration with all employees.

Transformation to self-steering teams

Self-steering teams - autonomous teams

We accompanied this SME in its efforts to keep its entrepreneurial culture while growing towards 100+ employees, by gradually transforming the organisation to self-steering teams (Cf. “TEAL” participative governance). For that matter, we performed internal & external "deep interviews", we helped senior management team & subsequently the entire organisation to look at itself with a renewed perspective. We worked with the MT to use their combined skills more effectively, and devised ways to strengthen their newly identified corporate strengths while addressing the weaknesses discovered.

We complemented the approach with a number of 121 coaching sessions of the senior team.

POSITIVE IMPACT: Renewed collaboration within the MT. Open sharing of unspoken frustrations with all. Identification a clear areas for development and learning.

Merger of 2 independent BUs into a number of self-steering client-oriented teams. 

Set up & management of an agile PMO


In this context, the company had defined more than 300 projects, without having a clearly defined strategy. We worked with the management team to define their mission, vision & values, and quickly set key strategic guidelines. With this as an input and pragmatic follow-up templates, working hand in hand with PMs, we redefined the project roadmap and followed-up the projects in an "admin-light" but effective & efficient approach.

POSITIVE IMPACT: Streamlining of most projects. Alignment on project content across the company. Reduced time invested per project. Admin-light & effective follow-up of each project.

Restructure an E-commerce programme

Startup Studio

We joined an on-going transformation program in eCommerce at an incumbent retailer, involving 7 out of 10 BUs (representing more than 80% of turnover). We performed an initial systemic diagnosis to assess the structure of the program and aligned the stakeholders, merely involved until then. We restructured the program team and collaboration processes. We acted as program manager ad interim. As change manager, we managed the communication and instilled a start-up culture within the team. This comprised the move to a separate out-of-office location, the creation of an own dynamic internal branding, while keeping tight ties with the organisation.

POSITIVE IMPACT: Restructuring of the programme. Aligned project brief across the organisation. Start-up spirit.

Orchestration of a large non-profit project

Mission vision values - Levels of Logic NLP PNL

We accompanied this non-profit organisation to specify their transformation project aiming at setting up and financing a site of 8000 m2 on more than 1 hectare in the center of Manilla, aligning the large number of internal & external stakeholders around one common mission & vision, and subsequently review roles & responsibilities. This iterative approach went through numerous individual interviews, informative & collaborative 121s with decision makers, collective workshops, etc.

POSITIVE IMPACT: All internal & external stakeholders aligned around one revised common mission & vision.

Systems diagnostic for non-profit


We accompanied this non-profit organisation in evaluating the underlying keys of success and challenges of an existing inspiring organisation in Switzerland. Through field visits and "deep interviews", we presented the value-added and uniqueness of the existing concept in a structured and contextual way.

POSITIVE IMPACT: Roadmap for defining an implementation plan in the Belgian context.

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