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Accompany people,

Adjust behaviours,

Change the world.

Our mission

Accompany organisations on their journeys 

towards positive impact at scale,

Leveraging our expertise in systems thinking & behavioural psychology.

We accompany & guide your teams on their daring journeys,

while building their capabilities.

What do we do?

An organisation is a group of people working together. The most effective and efficient way to "get there" is to work with themA catalyst accompanies people for a while, works as one of them, guides them and makes sure that things happen, with and through them

He acts both as a coach and as a player. That's what makes the difference.

Wanting to contribute to a better world, Brave Minds leverage its competencies to actively guide nonprofit organisations in their capability building and growth, and orchestrates Collective Impact initiatives to contribute to social innovation.

Why us?


Seasoned professionals with a unique transversal skillset

We therefore brings together experienced professionals

with a unique set of transversal competences :

  • Business acumen AND entrepreneurial experience,

  • Top tier hard skills (strategy/business) AND soft skills (people mgt/coaching),

  • Structured data-driven thinking AND creativity.

Together we have a wealth of experience in elaboration of mission & vision, strategy development, change management, orchestration of transformation programmes, design thinking, capability building & stakeholder engagement.

​We co-created start-ups, accompanied scale-ups, management teams, company-wide transformations, transitions to self-steering teams, greenfield innovations or intrapreneurship initiatives. At organisation or team level.


Experts in behavioural psychology & systems thinking

Our expertise in systems thinking enables us to understand "why people behave as they do” and as a consequence to explain rationally “why events happen". More than most people, we are able to read not only the explicits but also the implicits of human behaviour and thinking.

Our experience has led us to use a strict selection of impactful tools through which we use pragmatically to build and orchestrate effective & efficient project and programme management approaches.


Collaboration as essential lever for impact

To make a difference, we act as catalysts. 

Any organisation or team is a bunch of people working together. The most effective and efficient way to "get there" is to work with and through, not for the team. We act both as coach and as player, accompanying & guiding people on their journey towards growth & transformation while building capabilities.


A catalyst accompanies the team for a while, makes sure that things happen, leading people in the right direction without waiting, and goes off to other endeavours once the team is able to function independently.


Contributing through action to social innovation

We believe that working together and creating communities of people in action are the most effective & efficient pathways to create a better future for all. Our approach is therefore based on a philosophy of dissolving boundaries and stimulating a dialogue. Between public, private, and non-profit sectors with the goal of more effectively resolving social problems. 

Wanting to contribute to a better world, we offer part of our time to actively guide nonprofit organisations in their capability building and growth, and orchestrate "Collective Impact" initiatives.

Jean-Francois Berleur - JF - Jean-François

Jean-François Berleur

Founder & CEO

Seasoned business executive & entrepreneur,

expert in systems thinking and design thinking,

enterprise therapist, coach,

Intuitive, strong listener, creative,

orchestrator, original

+32 472 425 026

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